Deliciously Simple Recipes... available on social

Berry coconut chia porridge


Super simple portable brekkie.  Make with left over coconut milk, chia and frozen berries the night before.

One pot veggie chilli


Straight to the table with this one pot bean chilli and scrumptious sides.

Banana Bread - Gluten Free

Banana bread

Fabulous gluten free, low sugar snack to keep your blood sugar stable and cravings at bay. Click the pic for the recipe

Pea and Brie Omelette


My new fave way to prep and omelette.  So quick and simple, yet so gorgeous

Choc recovery smoothie


Whole foods recovery smoothie packed with cacao, nuts, blueberries and a few extras

Kipfler and broccolli salad


A warm substantial salad packed with greens and goodness!

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