Your Health Coaching FAQ's


What is Health Coaching?

 It’s a collaboration between client and coach to achieve a clients optimal health and wellbeing goals. 

Essentially a health coach ‘motivates’ you to move towards and achieve better health. 

The key thing is that you are making the changes yourself, changes that you want and that work for you and your individual circumstances. 

The coach’s job is to help you identify areas you want to change and then implement sustainable change. This could be loosing weight, eating better, exercising, having more energy, less stress or overall more balance. 

The Health Coach will be with you each step of the way and keep you accountable 

How is a Health Coach different to a nutritionist or personal trainer?

 A Health Coach doesn’t dictate what you need to do; you won’t get a specific diet or exercise plan from them.  Rather a Health Coach will collaborate with you and YOU determine the changes YOU need to make to achieve your goals.  

Upfront a Health coach will help you uncover your goals, what is really important to you (not to someone else or someone else’s ideals) and then probe and guide you to put down actions to achieve them and then support you though new habit formation. That way change is owned by you and is achievable by you. 

They will of course be full of evidence based solutions, reliable and simple information, but won’t dictate solutions in a one size fits all fashion – we are after all individuals 

What will we do in a session?

Coaching sessions are usually 45 minutes long and can be either in person or online. 

You and your Health Coach will talk a lot… uncover your goals, why they are important, what are the motivators and also any obstacles or saboteurs. 

You’ll make plans to form new habits towards achieving your goals and find strategies to overcome obstacles together.

It involves action on your part and time to embed the new habits, so programs usually run over 3 months and involve sessions every 2 weeks. Each session you will review what’s working, discuss new areas and agree on the actions going forward. 

The pace will be dictated by you but the coaach willl hold you accountable to aactions you agree on.


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